President Sisi congratulates UAE on Mars mission success

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi of Egypt congratulated the UAE leadership and people on the successful arrival Sunday evening of the Arab World's first probe to Mars.

Egyptian President congratulates UAE on Hope Probe's success

"I proudly followed the arrival of the 'Hope Probe' to the Mars. The step is historical and pioneering for the UAE to enter the field of outer space exploration. The step constitutes the hope aimed to reinstate the glories and the discoveries by the Arab and Islamic nations in the realms of sciences, arts, and innovation," the Egyptian president tweeted.

The Emirati Hope Probe succeeded in arriving at the Red Planet’s orbit with the help of Japanese space rockets and the success of the mission is a promising sign not only for the UAE scientists but also for nearly 100 million young people in the Arab region, as the UAE is the first Arab country to send a probe to Mars.

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